The Cat Quiz: How much do you know about Cats?


Hi there, cat lover! It's nice to meet you since I'm one, too. If you are taking this quiz, my guess is that you like cats. Hopefully I'm right, or you might score lower than I'd wish of you. Since I was little, I've loved cats - after all, who could resist those big eyes and fluffy coats? I've learned as much as I could about these animals over the years, but now I've decided to test others on what I've learned. What do they know and what can they learn? For the good of cats and people, we need to educate the humans caring for these furry creatures. Whether it impacts them in a huge way, or just a tiny way, the difference matters. So? What do you say? Let's get going, pal, and we'll test that memory of yours. Just keep in mind, if you get things wrong, that's OK. you learn something new every day, and no one ever said you can't learn by failing. In fact, that's the best way to go. You can always try it again or do a search online. Now, I think you should move along. Good luck!

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