Warriors she-cats love story 1


Hi! Im Shimmerkit, and Im one of your littermates in the Warriors she-cats love stories. I am going to give you a bit of background knowledge on this quizs content. I made up four new Clans, LightningClan, ShadeClan, BreezeClan, and MistClan. You are a member of LightningClan. In the first quiz of this series, you start off as a kit. Your mother is Morningleaf. Your littermates are Shimmerkit(she-cat), Applekit(she-cat), and Adderkit(tom). Your denmates are Foxbreezes kits, Nightkit(tom), and Emberkit(she-cat), and Swiftfalls kit, Grasskit(tom). This first quiz is about you as a kit, but dont worry, you will become an apprentice soon. Anyway, you will meet two toms, and find out which of them you like, and want for a mate. Remember, you are still a kit, so anything can happen. So, start this quiz!

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