Are you a pro or noob in Supermechs


Build and customize your Mech, from thousands of available variations-Join thousands of players from all around the world in a PvP arena to decide who has the strongest Mech-Craft weapons, armor and upgrades and embed them with unique Power-Ups-Equip your Mech with Legendary gear and dominate the leaderboard-Play & Chat in real-time-Join an alliance of warriors – or start your own!-Co-op with other alliance members & become the best Mech in the world-Challenge friends and strangers in turn-based online play-Engaging single player story modeSo jump right in, pilot. Your Mech is waiting – it’s time to BATTLE! So jump and get ready for some fun These further lines are junkEmbed Super Mechs* Super Mechs is a fun and fierce fighting game in which you take charge of an immense mechanised robot and participate in awesome turn-based combat battles.

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