Which Pantalan dragon are you? (Wings of Fire)


Warning! Wings of Fire book 11 (The Lost Continent) and book 12 (The Hive Queen) spoilers in the quiz results! I was inspired to make this quiz by another Wings of Fire quiz I put on here. It was called "Which animus dragon are you?". (I'm not done reading book 12 yet, but I'm in part three, and I got it a few weeks ago at Barnes and Nobel! It was the one in one of Mankato, MN's malls.) In this quiz, you'll find out which Pantalan you are. You'll get Blue, Luna, Swordtail, Cricket, Swordtail, or one of your OCs. (I got a little lazy there. XD ) I added descriptions for them, describing things that happened in the book, and briefly describing their personality. I hope ya'll FanWings (Wings of Fire fans) like this quiz! For best results, ya'll should answer honestly. This quiz isn't very accurate score-wise. (If you get Cricket the HiveWing and your vegan, or vegetarian, you should probably retake the quiz.)

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