what pals member are you


Welcome to the Pals YouTube quiz they are a group of 5 best friends – Denis, Sub, Alex, Corl and Sketch – who play games together and have fun. On this channel you’ll see us play a lot of Roblox, from the wackiest Obby to the randomest Tycoon to plenty of Pokemon, Hello Neighbor, FNAF, Bendy and the Ink Machine as well as Roblox Adventures in High School, Meep City, Murdery Mystery 2 and even full Roblox Animations! And it’s all totally family and kid friendly! You can also check out all our individual channels where you can find plenty more comedic gameplay as well as challenges like Try Not To Laugh, Gummy vs. Real Food, Bath Challenges and more. Whether you are a Roblox Noob, Pro, or even John Doe we promise you’ll have plenty of fun as one of The Pals!Our Roblox Usernames:RealSubZeroExtabyte, CorlHorl, DenisDaily, CraftedRL, & Sk3tchYT The Pals was founded by Sub and Sketch on January 24, 2012, and posted Minecraft Machinimas and Animations. Sketch left the channel to focus on a personal channel, which never grew popular. Then, 3 other friends, Denis, Alex and Corl revived the channel, and focused solely on Minecraft Machinimas. They mainly made series on Minecraft Hotel, and FNAF Origins, untill they set up a ROBLOX version of FNAF Origins. They focused on Roblox solely, and continue to do so. In November 2017, Sketch rejoined the channe

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